Lecture 7

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Greek and Roman Painting and Mosaics


             Lecture 7: The Villa near Lugnano in Teverina, Umbria


A. Discovery of the Villa

   1. Daniela Monacchi – 1980  Largest villa in Umbria

   2. Sextus Roscius Amerinus – America, Roscius, Cicero Pro Roscio

   3. David Soren and the University of Arizona team


B. The Augustan Villa ca. 15 B.C.

   1. Mosaics in context -  ceilings, wall paintings, black and white emphasis, couches

   2. Room functions – opus signinum, opus tessellatum

   3. Corinthian Oecus – keeping up with rival patrician families

   4. Villa Rustica vs. Villa Urbana

   5. Pyramid vault

   6. Barrel Vaults

   7. The invention of bricks for building

   8. Column Wedges


C. Subsequent History of the Villa

   1. Period of the Agri Deserti – 3rd century A.D., reuse of mosaics and other floors

   2. Largest infant cemetery in Italy

   3. Reasons for the disruption of the villa – Plasmodium falciparum malaria

   4. Dog sacrifice

   5. Hierarchy of burial

   6. Treatment of earlier floors and refuse