Lecture 15

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Classics 456 Dr. Soren

Greek and Roman Painting


           Lecture 15: From Greek to Roman Painting


A. Parrhasios of Ephesus- rival of Zeuxis in 4th century B.C.


B. The Sikyon School

   l. Eupompos of Sikyon – sets standard for comprehensive

      knowledge, followed by Vitruvius, medieval universities

   2.Pamphilos of Macedonia – pupil of Eupompos, teacher of

      Pausias, Apelles

   3. Pausias- encaustic


C. Apelles of Kos and Alexander the Great- master of


D. Aristeides of Thebes- the master of expression and harsh color contrasts


E. Famous Roman Painters? Fabius Pictor, Pacuvius, Arellius, Studius (gardens and landscapes), Famulus or Fabullus (Golden House of Nero)


F. The Dancing Women of Ruvo- ca. 400 B.C.


G. The Tomb of the Warriors at Paestum- Lucanian 4th century B.C.


H. The Esquiline Hill Fannius and Fabius Military Painting 200 BC


I. Narrative in the Hellenistic Period- The Telephos Frieze

   l. Pergamon

   2. Telephos, Auge of Tegea- King Aleus must drown her in

       sea, expose son

   3. Teuthras of Mysia weds Auge and Telephos finds them

   4. Tegea

   5. Achilles wounds Telephos in thigh w/ lance on way to


   6. Herakles- father of Telephos

   7. Genuine landscape interest- stacking, but still megalographic


J. Roman Literary Evidence- Greeks brought in to do triumphal paintings

   l.  Metrodorus of Stratonice

   2. Macedonian Wars of 160s B.C.

   3. Lucius Aemilius Paullus

   4. Urlichs

   5. Marcus Valerius Maximus

   6. Tabulae

   7. Demetrios Topographos


K. Roman First Style Painting- 200 -80 B.C.

   l. Incrustation or Masonry Style

   2. Vincent Bruno

   3. Socle

   4. Orthostate course

   5. Drafted masonry

   6. Tectonic logic

   7. August Mau

   8. Rudolf Pagenstecher

   9. Ibrahim Noshy


L. Second Style 90/80-15 B.C.-parallels at Bassae, Delphi

   l. H.G. Beyen

   2. Parataxis- this does not mean two taxis

   3. House of the Griffins, Palatine Hill in Rome, ca. 80 B.C.

   4. Trompe l'oeil


          Limited three dimensionality

          Preference for three-part vertical and horizontal



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