Lecture 14

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Classics 456/556  Dr. Soren

Greek, Etruscan and Roman Painting


                Lecture 14: Later Etruscan and Greek Painting


A. Tomb of Orcus or Polyphemos in Tarquinia


   l. Two tombs of different date-

   2. Fourth Century B.C.-Velia Velcha and hubby Anth

      a. Praxitelean head style later fourth century B.C.

      b. Banquet in Hades?

   3. Hades

   4. Persephone

   5. Geryon

   6. Greek parallels for demons- Eurynomus

   7. Agamemnon

   8. Teiresias

   9. Hirpi and werwolves in Petronius

  10. Tuchulcha

  11. Cyclops and Odysseus

  12. Greek and Etruscan Hades mixed together

  13. Etruscan fatalism- Censorinus and the 10 saecula


B. Francois Tomb of Vulci- 2nd to 1st century B.C.


   l. Achilles, Patroclus

   2. Ajax

   3. Charon

   4. Vanth

   5. Brutal Greek history compared to local epics

   6. Macstrna may equal king of Rome Servius Tullius

   7. Caelius Vibenna and the Caelian hill story

   8. Vel Satie and his pet dwarf and his pet dwarf's pet


C. Lost Greek Painting by Lost Greek Artists

   l. Cleanthes of Corinth – develops the 1st clear outlines

   2. Cimon of Cleonae and katágrafa – may be foreshortening

   3. Polygnotus of Thasos- northeast Greek isle but he works

      in Athens

   4. Agatharkos of Samos and scaenographia

   5. Apollodorus of Athens and skiagraphos- light and shade


   6. Zeuxis of Heraclea, South Italy but works at Ephesus in

the Ionic School


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