Lecture 13

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Classics 456  Dr. Soren

Greek, Etruscan and Roman Painting


          Lecture 13:  The Golden Age of Tarquinia


A. Tomb of Hunting and Fishing- circa 520 B.C.


   l. Paesaggio

   2. Symmetria

   3. Taxis

   4. Ordo

   5. Apotropaic

   6. Compare with Tomb of the Diver in Paestum


B. Tomb of the Lionesses- circa 530 B.C.

   l. Compare with the Treasure of Vix

   2. Columns parallel Greek Doric, such as at Paestum

   3. Oenochoe

   4. More megalographic, less horror vacui

   5. Novemdialis cena


C. Tomb of the Augurs- circa 530 B.C.

   l. Phersu

   2. Cerberus and Herakles- prisoners act out stories

   3. Bloody funeral contests


D. Tomb of the Baron- later sixth century B.C.

   l. Most Greek of Etruscan tombs

   2. Loss of joie de vivre

   3. Color experiment fails

   4. Possible Corinthian influence in Etruria


E. Tomb of the Jugglers - early fifth century B.C.


F. Tomb of the Triclinium

   l. Early fifth century B.C.- new canon for figures

   2. Style close to Greek Kritios boy sculpture

   3. Katagrapha or foreshortening begins now

   4. Kimon of Kleone



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