Welcome to Classics/Art 300, the Tier 2 General Education Course.

We want you to do well in this unusual class....So we provide a syllabus and outlines to help you through each step of the way! And here is the syllabus below...

A.  Office Hours for Dr. David Soren are Wednesdays, 10:05  to 11:15, in 314b Haury Building, School of Anthropology, and at other times by appointment. His email is but he cannot respond so quickly to you as the graduate assistants or preceptors can.  Some of the graduate student assistants for the course (but not all) may be found in the Classics Department on the 2nd floor of the Learning Services Building at 1512 East 1st Street at Vine Street or in 120 Haury Building (Anthropology).  The course coordinator is Sandra Bernal ( Thursday 11:00am to 12:00pm at 314b Haury Building, School of Anthropology.The preceptors will present review sessions for the course on the last or penultimate day before the tests. You can go at their listed times to any of these assistants for help with your studies. Students: Find a time when you can visit with one of our student staff members.

B. Reading Assignments- go to reading assignments section

C. Textbooks to Buy

1. David Soren, Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology and Their Influence (Kendall-Hunt: Dubuque, 2017). If you want to order direct from publisher or get e-book try:


2. David Soren, Art,  Popular Culture and the Classical Ideal in the 1930s: Two Classic Films (Midnight Marquee: Baltimore, 2010). If you order this one from the publisher at I believe it will cost a good deal less. You will not need this book for a few weeks so there is time to get it from the publisher if you wish but it takes time to ship so order right away.

3. Additional assignments and texts, and daily course outlines appear on the website under Online Reading. Lecture power points will also be put onto D2L for you but should be used to supplement the lectures you actually attend.

4. Please note: REALLY IMPORTANT. This is the only URL for eBook purchase of Dr. Soren's main Greek and Roman Art textbook:

D. Website:

E. Email: If you have questions please feel free to e-mail our graduate assistants or preceptors, and you can email Dr. Soren at Dr. Soren normally comes about 20 minutes early to class so that you can come and talk with him then or after class as well and also during his office hours.

F. Rules and Regulations

1. There will be a midterm examination and a final examination for each of which there will be both in class and outside of class review sessions. There will be 4 quizzes of 7 minutes each. Instructions for taking these are in the Reading Assignments section. The final will be on the last day of class which is December 4th so make sure you will be there at that time.

2. Students may only make up these examinations because of a medical emergency or family emergency documented to the instructor's satisfaction from a family member such as a parent. Documented  professional requirements such as a job interview or university commitments such as athletic meets or debating team contests may be considered acceptable excuses also with a note from the appropriate instructors or athetic supervisors. Oversleeping or just missing the examination will result in a failing grade being given for it. Traveling to weddings or booking airline flights to go home early or to visit friends or attend shows or fairs are not excuses. Planned family trips are also not acceptable excuses. Makeup tests may not be given at other institutions using them as proctors while a student is absent from class.

3. The terms on the quiz and dates of the quizzes are posted in the Exam Study Guide and the Readings section. Note when they are and do not plan to be out of town during quiz or examination times.

4. Students caught cheating will be given a failing grade in the class. Individual cheaters and organized cheating groups will be reported to the university for disciplinary action. Computers may be used in class for note taking but not for the viewing of other material or for examinations or quizzes. Students using our university emails or D2L system for personal profit or by giving information to cheat-sheet companies will be given failing grades for the class and reported to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. Do not use D2L to request help for yourself from other students or for any personal communication.

5. The midterm counts one third of your grade and so does the final. The 3 quizzes together comprise another one third of your grade. This is the only system that we use for computing your grades.

6. An important course requirement for passing is that each student MUST select a video from YouTube, Netflix or other such source (short or long video) and write a 3-page essay about this subject. It must have relevance to the class such as a sword and sandal film, a Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl, a biography of Mussolini, etc. This essay must be turned in by the time of the midterm examination. The essay must be written coherently with attention to spelling and organization. For guidance with this you should schedule a meeting with one of our graduate assistants or the course coordinator. If you fail to pass your written essay you may meet with a graduate assistant to discuss it and then rewrite it. If it is still not passed, a meeting with the graduate assistants or the professor is required and one final attempt to pass the essay is given. Failure to pass the essay means that the student fails the course, as this written essay is a university requirement for these Gen Ed courses.

7. In keeping with university regulations 40% of your grade needs to be in place by week 8 so please keep up with your test-taking and reading preparation.

G. Extra Credit and Attendance: Attendance is required because of the large amount of information that is given in class. Each class period 25 names will be posted at the beginning and 25 other names at the end of the class. At the start or end of the class, each of the 25 students posted must come to the front of the room, display a picture identification or Cat Card, and sign in. Failure to sign in when your name is posted means that  you will lose 3 points off of your final grade point average which is quite a bit. The graduate assistants will maintain sign-in sheets for the  randomly selected students at the base of the stage. Multiple attendance infractions (more than 3 unexcused class absences) will definitely result in a poor final grade. Students who do sign in will get a ten point bump in their final exam score so it is definitely to your advantage to come to class and to sign in if you are listed because if you don't come to class regularly you will lose a total of 13 points off of your final grade score. There is no other extra credit.

H. Please Read This Part Carefully: Common Courtesy: Dr. Soren expects that students will not leave class early and walk out during his lecture. This is considered extremely rude and discourteous to other classmates. Rude class behavior will result in dismissal from the class or the docking of one full grade in the course. Reading the paper, talking or playing computer games, surfing the internet, or doing Facebook are considered unacceptable behaviors which disrupt and distract the class.

I. Grades and examinations will be based on 100 points with 90 being an A, 80 a B, etc.. Quizzes are graded with a number or letter grade. 10 is an A, 9 is an A minus, 8 is a B and so on. There will be two terms on each quiz. If one term is not identified, the quiz is considered failed. For the dates of examinations see the examination study guide section. You will have 4 chances to take 3 quizzes and if you take all 4 quizzes we will take your top 3 scores to count towards your final grade. If you do well on all 4 quizzes, the extra quizzes will add 2 points to your final exam grade if and only if the extra quiz is higher than your overall average. Grades are broken down as follows; your 3 best quizzes are one third of your grade, your midterm is one third and your final one third. Add your scores up and divide by 3 and you will get your final grade. If it is a 90 you have an A. In addition your written essay based on your analysis and research of a selected video must receive a passing grade so that you may pass the course.

J. Makeup Examinations or Early Examinations - Makeups may ONLY be given for students with a documented medical reason for missing the examination or if the student is participating in a regular university sponsored and required activity at the time of the examination. Attending a friend's wedding, visiting friends, planned family outings and attending graduations of friends or family are not acceptable excuses for missing examinations. Early examinations may be given to students engaged in university required activities during the time of the regular examination.  If you have a job and  your employer requires you to be somewhere during the examination time and certifies this in writing, an early examination or a makeup may be given only if the instructor finds the request reasonable.


     By the end of the course it is hoped you will have a better knowledge of a number of different cultures including ancient Greece and Rome as well as America, France and Germany in the 1920s and the 1930s.  Your proficiency in the class will be measured by the examinations, quizzes and term paper projects discussed above and using the formulas described. You will be asked to think critically on your essay exams, papers and conferences with our graduate assistants and to communicate effectively with our assistants orally and in your exams and essays. You must organize the information you will be given effectively and, thinking critically, answer the questions outlined for you in the textbook as the course progresses.  Remember that you will have received 40% of your final grade by the 8th week of the class so it is important to get off to a good start. Note that this course is regularly available for Honors Credit. Honors students will do a 10 page paper on a mutually agreed upon subject. Honors students will meet directly with the professor.


   Do not forget to incorporate up to date bibliography in your term paper for the course and this can include books, websites and films.


     Students with any sort of special needs accepted by the university should notify the instructor immediately. Special testing accommodations are also available through our DRC representatives if you have qualified for this. Make sure and register with DRC if you are able to and wish to do so.

Majoring in Classics at UA

     If you are interested to major in Classics at UA you should contact Dr. Soren and also visit this site:…. This course is hosted by the Department of Religious Studies and Classics. For more information go to Classics:

Corrections for Dr. Soren’s Textbook

Unfortunately the  first edition of Dr. Soren’s smaller book has a number of small errors in the text. Each one is indicated below and the correction offered so you can print this out and insert it into your copy of his book and use it as needed: 

 Page Paragraph Correction
 5  2 men and women who have contributed, not that have contributed
5 3 as well as well should just be as well
6 5 watching them a priori instead of watching it a priori
9 left side
last line
America, not American
10 3 virtue, not virture
13 1 to turn revive should be changed to to revive
16 title Depression Modern Style and not Depression Modern-Style
16 3  
    established in 1903, not established as in 1903
20 2 Depression Modern style and not Modern-style
20 2 Modern accent and not Modern-accent
20 2 Modern style and not Modern-style
20 2 Yet another error same as the preceding
21 1 And still another as above
22 2 BCE should be B.C.
22 2 Modern-ideas should be Modern ideas
23 2 Modern-style should be Modern style
23 3 resulting in explosions should be changed to leading to explosions
24 1 Modern-style should again be Modern style
24 1 Same problem in 4th from last line at the left on the page
27 3 It should be Hays Code
27 4 It should be Hays Code
44 5 such 1910s gems should be including such 1910s gems as
72 1 uninitiated, not unitiated
75 2 (what antennae) and not (what antennae
81 4 in many ways, not in many way
87 last
a Greek drinking cup has the word cup left out
93 1 a lovely, not alovely
93 letterbox it'd be the thing, not it'd be thing
100 1 Mimi's daughter should be indented
103 bibliography A Restricted Country should be in italics
135 index Rosalind Russell, not Russel