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REMINDER: The Final exam will be held Wednesday, December 7. 

Study Materials for Final:


Attached below is the list of final terms. The essay is being provided here (also on the review sheet) for you to consider and prepare before you take the final. However, no research materials or notes will be permissable during the final. Please follow this link to the final review presentation: It will also be attached below as a PDF document by the morning of 2 December.


  • We have studied many approaches to archaeology in this class ranging from processualism to post-processualism to neo-Marxism to Structuralism to Intelligent Design Theory and including many others. Which approach do you find the most useful for you and which do you find the least useful? Why? We are not looking for any two specific answers but rather we want you to justify your opinions with concrete examples and show how you would apply these concepts you have chosen to specific examples.

The quiz documents can also be used as a guide for your studying. Please see the attached documents below for review terms from all quizzes. 

Please visit the following link to access the Presentation used for the Quiz 1 Review Session: Please visti this link to find the Midterm Review Presentation: Please visit the following link to the Quiz 2 Review Session: and Quiz 3: . 

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Information for Honors Students:

If you are taking the course for Honors Credit, by the terms of the Honors contract, Honors students must have more rigorous work than the non-Honors students taking the course. All students wanting Honors credit must meet with Dr. Soren in the first few weeks of class to discuss what extra assignments they can do to earn Honors credit. Only then can they fill out the Honors contract. Here is the link to the page about Honors contracts: