Classics/Art 300



This is a General Education Tier 2 course. Its main concept is to look at the world of Ancient Athens and Rome as it was viewed and interpreted in later periods.

Here is the course format. First you study ancient Greece and Greek life and culture. Then you will see how people in America in the 1930s looked at ancient Greece.  One way we do this is through the movies being made at that time, especially by the only major woman director of the era: Dorothy Arzner.
Next we look at ancient Rome. Since Americans identify more with ancient Rome, we will spend more of our course on Rome and its influence. We will also look at 1930s classical art and architecture in Fascist Italy under Mussolini and in Nazi Germany under Hitler.
Above are links to the syllabus for the class, each week's reading assignment and a detailed outline of every lecture. I hope this helps make the course clear for you. Don't forget that you can email us or even actually speak with us (!) and we want you to enjoy this unusual class.

Best Wishes,

David Soren, Regents Professor of Anthropology and Classics, University of Arizona

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