Classics 456/556 Exam Study Guides



Every two weeks on a specified Friday (see Reading Assignments on this website) you will receive an 8 minute quiz in which you must define 2 terms from the reading assignment for that day.

     For each term provide a solid complete definition, a date and 3 relevant facts. Example of a good answer:

Villa of the Mysteries- A villa in Pompeii known for its 2nd style wall painting dating to ca. 40 B.C. The paintings show the ordeal of a bride and celebrate the mystery cult of the god Dionysus and his consort Ariadne. The paintings also show mythological creatures associated with the Dionysus cult such as a Pan, Panisca and Satyr. The bride undergoes ritual whipping in order to purify her for her symbolic marriage to the god Dionysus.




The midterm will be on October 12th and the final on the last day of class Dec. 5th.

For the midterm and final examinations you will be asked to:

1- Identify 6 major works of mosaics or painting. These will all be major pieces that we reviewed in class and which were also in your reading. You will NOT be getting a group of images to learn but should identify on your own the major works we discussed. 26 points (includes one bonus point)

2- Match key definitions to particular terms. About 20 terms to match will be provided. These terms will be drawn from MAJOR terms discussed in class and also highlighted in your reading. 20 points

3- There will be 3 terms to identify fully out of a choice of at least 6. 30 points.

4- There will be a critical thinking question drawn from the critical thinking section of your reading assignments (see Reading Assignments on our webpage). 25 points.