Classics 456/556

Classics 456/556 Greek and Roman Painting and Mosaics Syllabus

  Instructor: Dr. David Soren

  1. Office Hours – Wednesday, 10:05 to 11:15 a.m. 314b Anthropology/Haury Building


  1. Reading and Examination Requirements: Each student will be required to read the assignments given out by the instructor and to take a quiz on these every two weeks in class. Students must take three quizzes, a midterm and a final. Additional quizzes may be used as extra credit if the student obtains a high grade. These good quizzes can only be used at the instructor’s discretion to help a borderline student to receive a higher grade.


  1. Discipline- Students may not disrupt the class in any manner, including talking while the professor is lecturing and interrupting the professor with repeated questioning. Students are free to ask several questions per class as they wish or to ask them before or after class.


  1. Attendance- Students may sign in every day to obtain extra credit. Extra credit will be granted if the students miss no more than three classes. Extra credit may also be obtained by attending a recommended lecture and signing in there. Extra credit adds 5 points to your final examination grade.


  1. Responsibilities- Students are expected to take the quizzes every two weeks, the midterm and final. Papers cannot be substituted for quizzes or examinations. Graduate students must do a classroom presentation of ten minutes and a ten page paper in addition to the regular requirements.


  1. Final Grades- Your grade is determined by your midterm (one third), final (one third), quizzes (one third). Good attendance and extra credit will boost a borderline student to a higher grade.


  1. Missing Examinations- Examinations may be missed and retaken only in the case of a major documented medical illness, official university excused business, or documented family emergency. Otherwise a missed examination is averaged in as an E. Attendance at weddings, family outings and vacations to visit friends are not acceptable excuses.


  1. Textbooks are:

          Katherine Dunbabin, Greek and Roman Mosaics


          Roger Ling, Roman Painting



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