340b Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Greek Architecture Influences Etruria

 Greek Doric and Ionic Temples 
[view Etruscan Temple Plan, Elevation and Side View]

A. The Typical Greek temple

    1. Doric and Ionic types

    2. Doric Temple Characteristics

        a. Column shaft and fluteso
        b. Echinus
        c. Abacus
        d. Triglyphs
        e. Metopes
        f. The Angle Triglyph Problem
        g. Pediment
        h. Tympanum
        i. Cornice- horizontal, side and raking
        j. Acroteria

    3. Ionic

        a. Base
        b. Arrises
        c. Torus and scotia
        d. Echinus, volutes, abacus
        e. Fasciated architrave
        f. Frieze
        g. Slender and graceful
        h. Anatolia first--Turkey, western Asia Minor

B. The Greek Temples of Paestum

    1. Temple of Hera- 6th century B.C.

    2. Temple of Hera- 5th century B.C.

    3. Temple of Athena- late 6th century B.C.

C. Rebuilding Your Own Temple
[view images of Temple details: detail 1, detail 2]

    1. David Soren at Kourion, Cyprus

    2. Reconstructing the Temple of Apollo Hylates

[view an image of The Roman Empire, 44 B.C.]