340b Lecture 7

Lecture 7: Etruscan Religion

A. The Most Religious of Ancient Peoples- Livy

B. The Athrpa Mirror- Hellenistic Period, from Perugia, now in Berlin

    1. Turan, lover of Atune

    2. The inevitability of fate- the nail of fate

        a. Temple of Fortuna at Volsinii- cella nail

        b. Saeculum

    3. Atlenta and Meliacr= Atalanta and Meleager

    4. Athrpa/Atropos- destiny gives mother of Meleager the wooden log

    5. ca.320 B.C.

C. Piacenza Liver- found 1877 in Po Valley

    1. Usils the sun god

    2. 16 divisions of the heavens

    3. Lightning, manubia controlled by the 6

    4. 1=warning, 2=terrifying good omen, 3=destruction

    5. Di Consentes

    6. Haruspex consults Disciplina Etrusca

    7. Thunder on left of God good

D. Disciplina Etrusca

    1. Saeculum

    2. Tages, grandson of Tinia and son of a genius

    3. Lucumones

    4. Sanctification of space- 4 regions of heaven, Tinia and Veiovis

    5. Augur- alites, oscines, auspices, pullareus, epilepsy, 2 headed calves

    6. Icthyomancy