340b Lecture 5

Lecture 5: Etruscan Tombs of Cerveteri and Tarquinia

A. Tomb of the Shields and Chairs 600-550 B.C., Cerveteri

 B. Tomb of the Reliefs- ca. 300 B.C., Cerveteri

    1. Matuna Family- Ramtha Mutuna Canatnei in center alcove

    2. Built by Vel Matunas

    3. Hypogeum

    4. Aeolic capitals, 13 loculi

C. The Tomb of the Bulls, Tarquinia, ca. 540 B.C.

    1. The Ambush of Troilus of Troy by Achilles, Trojan War and Homer's Iliad

    2. Horror Vacui

    3. Greek Archaic influence mixes with Etruscan ideas