340b Lecture 4

Lecture 4: The Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri
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A. Agylla- 30,000 in the sixth century B.C.

    1. Tolfa Mountains, Lake Bracciano

    2. Tufa plain four miles from sea with two torrents

    3. Pyrgi, Alsium, Punicum

    4. Sorbo Necropolis southwest of town

B.The Regolini-Galassi Tomb

    1. 1. 650 B.C.- rebordered 6th century B.C.

    2. 5 tombs added to original

    3. Dromos

    4. Camera

    5. Sigillum

    6. Tamburo- crepis, torus, listellum

    7. Alae- right ala with man in bronze biconic urn, left with burned biga

    8. Corbel

     9. Antechamber- bronze bed of noble warrior, chariots, shields

    10. Cella with Larthia

    11. Fibula

    12. Filigree and Granulation

    13. Gold Pectoral- compare with Moses, Exodus 29 and Assyrians

    14. Bucchero

C. Banditaccia Necropolis- Tomb of the Capanna - shaped like an early Etruscan house