340b Lecture 38

Lecture 38: University of Arizona Excavations at Kourion, Cyprus

A. Kourion- eastern Mediterranean city state falls to Romans in 1st century B.C.

B. The Great Earthquake of July 21, A.D. 365

    1. Plate tectonics

    2. European and African plates

    3. Tsunami- so-called Tidal Wave

    4. J.F. Daniel and George H. McFadden

C. The Arizona Expedition 1979-1987

    1. Re-excavating the University of Pennsylvania excavation

    2. Coinage of the Emperor Valens- A.D. 364-378

    3. Finding the mule and Camelia

D. How an Earthquake Struck Kourion

    1. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Waves

    2. Foreshocks and aftershocks

    3. The Modified Mercalli Scale

    4. Magnitude vs. Intensity

    5. Disorientation factors