340b Lecture 37

Lecture 37: The Later Roman Empire

A. Review of the Roman Forum

    1. Temple of Antoninus and Faustina- built over the Sepolcreto ca. A.D. 141

    2. Septimius Severus- Arch in Roman Forum 203

        a. First of the soldier emperors- Berber origins from Lepcis Magna, Libya

        b. Parthia and Mesopotamia- Seleucia and Ctesiphon, Iraq and Iran

        c. Damnatio memoriae

        d. Sacking of Seleucia on Tigris

        e. Parallels triumphal paintings

        f. Creeping Volkskunst- ground lines, tiering, puppet people

        g. Roman troops besiege Edessa in Syria

        h. Osroeni king Abgar yields to Severus

B. The Soldier Emperors 235-285 A.D.

        1. The Roman Empire in Crisis

        2. Emperors being rapidly made and overthrown

        3. Neo-Verism- Return to veristic portraiture

        4. Dematerialization of form

        5. Balbinus A.D. 238

        6. Trajan Decius A.D. 250

C. The Sarcophagus

        1. Change to inhumation with Hadrian

        2. Battle Sarcophagus- 2nd and 3rd century A.D.

        3. Via Tiburtina Sarcophagus

        4. Ludovisi Sarcophagus

D. Constantine the Great 306-337

    1. Basilica of Constantine

    2. Arch of Constantine

        a. October 28, 312- Battle of the Milvian Bridge

        b. Capitol moved to Constantinople

        c. Quarried earlier monuments- Trajan, Hadrian, Commodus

        d. Liberation of the state from tyranny of Maxentius