340b Lecture 36

Lecture 36: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

A. The Column of Marcus Aurelius- later second century A.D.

    1. Age of  Constant Unrest- Parthia, Danube, Czechoslovakia

    2. Marcomanni and Quadi invade northern Italy

    3. Plague brought from Parthia by Lucius Verus

    4. Economic Crisis- selling of crown jewels

    5. War and Disillusionment

    6. Animula Vagula- Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

    7. Desire for a higher plane of existence

    8. Age of  New Religions

        a. Rise of Christianity- teachings of Jesus Christ
        b. Mithraism
        c. The Logos- body is a prison, physical form insignificant
        d. Dematerialization of forms
        e. The Soul as a Celestial Being- life is a jungle of confusion and despair

B. Inhumation in sarcophagi replaces cremation

    1. Battle Sarcophagi

    2. Transition to abstract and iconic

    3. Influence of popular art and cosmic ideas

C. Portraiture in the Third Century A.D.

    1. Neo-Verism

    2. Creeping Volkskunst

    3. Septimius Severus 193-211

    4. Caracalla 211-225

    6. Diocletian 286-305

    7. Constantine 306-337