340b Lecture 34

Lecture 34: The Age of Hadrian and the Classical Baroque

A. The 5 Good Emperors

    1. Nerva 96-98 

    2. Trajan 98-117

    3. Hadrian 117-138

    4. Antoninus Pius 138-161

    5. Marcus Aurelius 161-180

B. Publius Aelius Hadrianus= Hadrian

    1. Italica, Hispania Ulterior (Seville)

    2. Portraiture

        a. Athenian Classical Influence
        b. Beards
        c. Antinous of Bithynia
        d. Pictorialism
        e. The Sugar Cube look
        f. Long hair
        g. Drilled eyes
        h. Heavy eyelids- Richard Gere-itis

The Pantheon
The Pantheon
The Pantheon
Circles and squares, spheres and cubes= geometricism

C. The Pantheon

    1. Campus Martius

     2. Shrine to all the gods

    3. Combination Greek temple, Roman Baroque architecture- 3 segments

    4. Tripartite- temple facade, middle block, rotunda

    5. Oculus

    6. Circles and squares, spheres and cubes= geometricism

    7. Coffers

    8. Tomb of Raphael

    9. Basilica of Neptune by Agrippa

    10. Saepta

    11. Key chambers

    12. Relieving arches

    13. Worldmaking Interior Architecture- Classical meets Baroque

    14. Imperial sun show