340b Lecture 3

Lecture 3: Rise of the Etruscans

A. Ca. 675 B.C.- Etruscans rise to power and fame

    1. Herodotus- Tyrsenoi and Pelasgi

    2. Rasenna

    3. Atys and the Lydians

B. League of 12 Cities- dodecapolis

    1. Lucumones

    2. 7th century B.C.- north into Po

    3. 6th century B.C.- Etruscans expand south to Capua and Campania

C. Etruscan Conquest of Rome- the Kings of Rome

    1. Rome before the Etruscans-- Romulus first king 753-717 B.C.

    2. Numa, Tullus Hostilius, Ancus Martius

    3. 616 B.C.- Lucius Tarquinius Priscus conquers Rome!

    4. Servius Tullius 578-535 B.C.

    5. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus 535-509 B.C.

 D. Etruscan Sea Power

 E. The Etruscan Periods in Italy

    1. 675-600 B.C.- The Orientalizing Period

    2. 600-500 B.C.- The Archaic Period, The Golden Age

    3. 500-300 B.C.- The Classical Period, Slow Decline

    4. 300-30 B.C.- The Hellenistic Period, Romans conquer

F. Key Dates in Etruscan History

    1. 6th century B.C.- take Corsica from Greeks, ally with Carthage

    2. 509 B.C.- expelled from Rome

    3. 474 B.C.- Lose to Hieron of Syracuse in Battle of Cumae

    4. 396 B.C.- Veii falls to Rome's Camillus

    5. 384 B.C.- Dionysius of Syracuse attacks Etruscan Cerveteri and sacks it

    6. 282 B.C.- last ditch Etruscan rally versus Romefails

G. Etruscan Contributions to the Romans

    1. Ivory thrones

    2. Folding Chair

    3. Purple tunic

    4. Temples

    5. Large architecture

    6. Lictors and fasces

    7. Circus

    8. Gladiator combats

    9. Hydraulics