340b Lecture 29

Lecture 29: Flavian Architecture in Rome
lecture 29 images

A. The Flavian Emperors

    1. Vespasian A.D 69-79

    2. Titus 79-81

    3. Domitian 81-96

B. Domitian

    1. Sports nut, Colosseum naumachia, torchlit games

    2. Wears purple robe with gold triad crown

    3. Sits at games with priest of deified Flavians and Jupiter

    4. Minerva his patron goddess- Forum Transitoria

    5. Buried a vestal virgin alive

    6. Age of Martial and Juvenal in Roman literatre

C. The Domus Flavia- worldmaking architecture by Rabirius                          

    1. Basilica- apse with emperor, forerunner of Christian basilica form

    2. Aula Regia

    3. Sicilia- the peristyle

    4. Octagonal room with oculus

    5. Cenatio Iovis and Nymphaea- dancing waters

    6. Flavian Baroque Architecture- strong visuals, sound, vistas, push pull walls

D. The Domus Augustana- private living quarters of Domitian, built by Rabirius

    1. Dominus et deus

    2. Chains of expanding and contracting space

    3. Sellaria

    4. Circus Maximus view

    5. Hairpin arcades

    6. Triclinium

    7. Cubiculum

E. Flavian Amphitheater- The Colosseum

    1. Venationes

    2. Bestiarii

    3. Gladiators (gladius)

    4. Built over lake of Nero's Golden House

    5. Built in 4 sections- travertine skeleton linked with tufa, brick, concrete

    6. Finished A.D. 98-

    7. Naumachia

    8. Maenianum primus, secundum, in lignis

    9. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian exterior

    10. Vomitoria

    11. Barrel vaults, annular vaults, groin vaults

    12. Built with spoils of the Jewish Wars in Judaea along with Arch of Titus