340b Lecture 28

Lecture 28: The Flavian Emperors of Rome--Vespasian, Titus and Domitian

A. The Flavian Gens

    1. Chaos after Nero

    2. Servius Sulpicius Galba- governor in Spain (Tarraconensis)- 73 years old

    3. Gaius Iulius Vindex- defeated by Roman troops in northeast France, kills self

    4. Aulus Vitellius- German army declares emperor, he heads for Italy

    5. Galba in Rome A.D. 69- troop mutiny by Marcus Otho and praetorians

    6. Otho- defeated by Vitellius in northern Italy, kills self

    7. Vespasian- eastern troop commander challenges Vitellius

    8. A.D. 69- Year of the 4 Emperors

B. The Flavian Style of Vespasian

    1. Practicality- military man

    2. Peace at last- Forum Pacis, Templum Pacis

    3. Revival of Verism

    4. Revival of Baroque tendencies

C. Jewish Wars- The Arch of Titus

    1. Revolt in Judaea A.D. 66-70

    2. The Sacking of the Temple in Jerusalem

    3. Rosh Hashanah- the silver triumpets celebrate the new year

    4. Menora with eagles and sea monsters

    5. Ferculum

    6. Flavian Baroque art- collisions of light and shade, creeping volkskunst

    7. Pompa

    8. Popular Art