340b Lecture 24

Lecture 24: The Golden Age of Augustus

A. Pont du Gard- the Roman aqueduct near Nimes, Southern France

    1. 165 feet high- Roman dynamic functionalism, bridge over the Gardon River

    2. Aqueduct and bridge

    3. Choosing a water source- Vitruvius

    4. Dioptra

    5. Curator Aquarum

    6. 2% gradient

    7. Specus

    8. Puteus

    9. Castellum

    10. Water towers and water taxes

    11. Lead Pipes

    12. Drains

    13. Water Storing Cisterns

B. The Mausoleum of Augustus

    1. Campus Martius- part of complex with Ara Pacis

    2. Must bury outside city walls

    3. Cremation district owned by Julio-Claudians

    4. Gaius and Lucius, Agrippa, Octavia, Caligula, Claudius, Agrippina

    5. Influence on architecture of Etruscan tumuli

    6. Influence on architecture of Hellenistic Kings such as Mausolus' Mausoleum of Halicarnassos

C. The Prima Porta Augustus- Roman sculpture ca. 20 B.C.

    1. Eclectic

    2. Idealized Augustus as superman- Classical and Baroque

    3. Influence of the Doryphorus of Polyclitus

    4. Sculpture as a propaganda billboard

    5. Barefoot like Aeneas

    6. Verism plus Classicism of fifth century B.C. Athens

    7. Military hero with paludamentum, orator

    8. Frontality- poorly finished on the back

    9. World-making cosmic view- Eos and Cephalos, Tellus, Caelus, sphinxes, pacified provinces

    10. Cupid and dolphin- dynastic claims to Venus

    11. Augustus dies at 76 but never ages past 30