340b Lecture 23

Lecture 23: The Ara Pacis Augustae

A. Augustus' Tours of Inspection

    1. 27-24 B.C.- Gaul and Spain

    2. 22-19 B.C.- East

    3. 15-13 B.C.- Gaul, established mint at Lugdunum (Lyons) and a big altar

    4. 17-13 B.C.- Agrippa is also on the road as inspector general of the east

B. Res Gestae- list of things done by Augustus by his time of death

    Aram Pacis Augustae senatus pro reditu meo consacrari censuit ad campum martium in qua magistratus et sacerdotus et vergines vestales anniversarium sacrificium facere iussit

C. Altar of Augustan Peace

    1. 1568- first parts found on Via Corso, ancient Via Flaminia

    2 1879- E. Petersen first identifies it

    3. 1937- Guido Moretti, working for Benito Mussolini, unearths it

    4. Roman equivalent of the Greek Parthenon Frieze of the 5th century B.C.

    5. Who's Who in Rome- hierarchy of leaders, flamens, lictors and fasces on north and south sides

    6. Maecenas and Agrippa appear

    7. Constitutio is 13 B.C., Dedicatio is 9 B.C.

    8. West Side Images: Aeneas and Rome's glorious past- Romulus and Remus- Pietas theme with patera and lituus

    9. East Side Images:  Roma seated on captured weapons- Rome's future Tellus/Italia and the Land of Plenty

    10. The Augustan Golden Age- the doctrine of the saecula

    11. Principal Ideas:

        a. Influence of the Greek Parthenon- 5th century B.C.
        b. Influence of Hellenistic sculptural styles on the Tellus figure
        c. Propaganda
        d. Combines actual narrative and divine imagery
        e. Tripartite depth recession is un-Greek
        f. Catenaries
        g. Looks like a late 2nd Style Wall Painting