340b Lecture 22

Lecture 22: Major Works of Augustus

A. Suetonius wrote, "He lived on the Palatine Hill in a modest house of Hortensius which was neither particularly big nor strikingly decorated. Its rooms contained neither marble decorations nor mosaic floors. It was hardly elegant enough for the average citizen."

B. Mos Maiorum

C. Augustan Classicism

D. The Forum of Augustus 31-2 B.C.

    1. At right angles to the Forum of Julius Caesar

    2. The Temple of Mars Ultor- Avenging Mars

        a. Venus, Mars, Hephaestus

        b. The Battle of Phillippi- Antony defeated Cassius and Brutus, the killers of Julius Caesar in 42 B.C.-- commemorated in temple

     3. Senate met here and triumphs celebrated

    4. Sword of Julius Caesar kept here

    5. Captured Roman standards recovered from the Parthians (lost by Crassus) here

    6. Toga virilis assumed here by Roman boys- toga of manhood

    7. Augustan propaganda

    8. Cursus Honorum- south hemicycle with Sulla, Appius Claudius, Marius, others

    9. North Hemicycle- Julian gens members including Aeneas, Romulus

    10. North Portico- 40 foot high statue of Augustus, only feet survive

    11. Tufa and Carrara mixed

    12. Mix of Classical and Baroque artistic styles

E. Maison Carrée- Temple in Nimes (ancient Nemausus), southern France

    1. Originally dedicated to Agrippa, rededicated to Gaius and Lucius Caesar, the twin sons of Julia and Agrippa, after Agrippa died

    2. Parallels Temple of Apollo Sosianus in Rome

    3. Augustan Classicism- dry, post and lintel, undynamic