340b Lecture 18

Lecture 18: The Sullan Baroque Style

A. The so-called Tabularium of Quintus Lutatius Catulus, consul for 78 B.C.

    1. The Record Hall of ancient Rome or forum backdrop & temple support

    2. Post and lintel systems as decoration

    3. Increased reliance on arches, vaults and concrete

    4. Barrel Vaults, Groin Vaults, Ramping Vaults

    5. Basement of Anio tufa and peperino

    6. Doric engaged columns of peperino, capitals and architraves of travertine

B. The Sanctuary of Fortuna Primageneia at Praeneste/ Palestrina

    1. Fortuna

    2. Roman Baroque architecture

    3. Forum and Basilica

    4. The Barberini Mosaic- Egyptian and Greek influences

    5. The Seven Terraces

    6. The See It But Can't Reach It Effect

    7. Push-pull walls

    8. Funhouse architecture

    9. Anthropomorphic architecture

    10. The Controlled Vista- water, light, air

    11. Annular Vaults and Coffers

    12. Theater-temples-- Sanctuary of Artemis at Gabii

    13. Influences- Deir El-Bahari, Egypt, Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepshut

        1. Pergamon- fan planning

        2. The Sanctuary of Asclepios at Kos

PLEASE NOTE: On this website is a section called Roman History which offers you some background material for the rulers of the first century B.C. in ancient Rome, and it is included in the reading assignments.The quotes provided were from ancient writers of the first and second century A.D.