340b Lecture 17

Lecture 17: Hellenistic Rome

A. The concept of the Mos Maiorum

B. Key Dates

    1. 265 B.C.- Fall of Volsinii, Etruria- 2000 bronzes to Rome

    2. 212 B.C.- Marcellus loots Syracuse and Archimedes killed

    3. 210 B.C.- Massive fire in the Roman forum

        a. Rome transformed- Basilica Porcia, Sempronia and Aemilia

        b. Cato builds the first basilica

    4. 190 B.C.- Booty from the Syrian campaigns

    5. 167 B.C.- Rome wins the battle of Pydna-- 150,000 captives including Polybius

    6. 146 B.C.- Scipio Aemilianus destroys Carthage

C. The Temple of Portunus- formerly known as the Temple of Fortuna Virilis [view an illustration of the Temple of Portunus]

    1. Portunus- door god, harbors

    2. Portunalia- August 17th

    3. 150-100 B.C.

    4. Travertine bases, columns and capitals- Roman economizing

    5. Anio tufa

    6. Stuccoed frieze and walls and Ionic columns

    7. Frieze- candelabra and festoons under dentils and Lesbian cymation with lion protome cornice

    8. Concrete podium

D. The Age of Lucius Cornelius Sulla - dictator 82-79 B.C.

Column decorations

    1. Optimates, Equites, Populares

    2. Marius

    3. Mithridates VI- invades Roman province of Asia 88 B.C. and ravages Greece

    4. Proscription

    5. The Corinthian Capital- from Athens Temple of Olympian Zeus

    6. Sextus Roscius Amerinus, Umbria and Cicero versus Sulla