340b Lecture 16

Lecture 16: Cosa

A. Colonia

B. History of Cosa- Frank Brown and the American Academy in Rome, Elizabeth Fentress

    1. 273 B.C.- Deductio

    2. Orthogonal planning- decumani and cardines

    3. Arx

C. The Forum

    1. The Key Buildings- Curia, Comitium

    2. Atrium Houses

    3. Fornix versus Arcus

        a. Development of the arch-- Egypt, Near East, Etruria, Macedonia

        b. 196 B.C.- first arcus in Rome of Lucius Stertininius, Spanish Wars

    4. Cistern

    5. Polygonal Walls

D. Roman Arches, Vaults and Concrete

    1. The Porticus Aemilia in Rome- Tiber Warehouse area

        a. ca 175 B.C.- opus incertum

        b. Clerestory lighting- functional dynamic architectural innovations

    2. The Roman Vault Forms

        a. Corbel
        b. Barrel
        c. Ramping
        d. Annular
        e. Groin
        f.  Dome
        g. Pendentive
        h. Squinch