340b Lecture 12

Lecture 12: The Strange Civilization of Carthage

A. Carthaginian Architecture? Eclecticism

    1. The Tower Tomb of Ateban at Dougga

    2. Greco-Egypto-Punico-Berber

B. Coinage 3rd century B.C.

C. The Age of Hannibal- 3rd century B.C. wars with Rome- Punic Wars 264-146 BC [view an image of a map depicting the 2nd Punic Wars 218 -201 B.C.]

    1. Houses in Carthage

    2. Hannibal defeated at Zama, Tunisia in 202 B.C.

D. The Tophet of Carthage

    1. Child sacrifice- why?

    2. Stelae

    3. Baetyloi

    4. Ba'al Hammon and Tanit

    5. Cinerary urns

E. Key Dates for Carthage

    1. Ca. 800 B.C.- founded by Queen Dido and the Phoenicians

    2. 6th to 4th centuries B.C.- The Golden Age, Mediterranean Power- Increasing democratization

    3. 3rd century B.C.- The Punic Wars--Carthage against Rome

    4. 146 B.C.- Complete destruction of Carthage by Scipio Aemilianus

    5. Early First Century A.D.- rebuilding of Carthage by Augustus/Tiberius