340b Lecture 11

Lecture 11: The Rise of Carthage

A. Modern Country of Tunisia, North Africa

B. Berbers

    1. Barbaroi/Libyi- from ca. 5000 B.C.

    2. No writtenlanguage, nomadic or semi-nomadic people

    3. Relief of the Berber Gods from Beja, Tunisia

    4. Syncretization

    5. Troglodytes of Matmata

    6. Portable lifestyle

    7. Men and women's pottery

C. The Phoenician Arrival- ca,. 814 B.C. Queen Dido/Elissa

D.The Rise of Carthage

    1. Dido and Aeneas

    2. The Byrsa

    3. Magonids

    4. The Ports of Carthage- Appian, military and commercial harbors

    5. Carthaginian religion

        a. Sacred razors
        b. Biberons
        c. Tanit
        d. Cymbals and bells
        e. Isis and Horus/Demeter and Persephone, Mary and Jesus
        f. Orfevery- granulation
        g. The invention of mosaics

    6. Voyages of exploration- 5th century B.C.

        a. Himilco
        b. Hanno the Navigator and the gorillas